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BRITE Futures recognizes the vital role of science education to our way of life, our health and our economy. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between current research and public awareness.

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BRITE Futures is dedicated to collaborating with K12 teachers and administrators to foster North Carolina’s students understanding of biotechnology concepts and skills.


Our mission is to share research and resources among the university community, public education and other partners that will contribute to BRITE’S leadership in K 12 biotechnology education.



Our K12 programs provide opportunities designed to facilitate quality biotechnology experiences that meet the diverse needs of students and make science real and relevant. The following types of age appropriate opportunities are aligned with State and National Science Standards and are designed to challenge, inspire and engage students by incorporating cutting edge research:

Enrichment activities which include special presentations, mini classes, and demonstrations

Tours of research labs and conversations with scientists

Hands on lab activities with professional lab grade equipment on site and in schools


Additionally BRITE Futures has established educational partnerships to heighten student’s interest in science with the following schools or school systems:

                        City of Medicine Academy–Durham

                        Alamance County Schools, “What’s After High School?” Program

                        Scotland County High School of Math, Science and Technology

                        Josephine Dobbs Clements Early College High School at NCCU


BRITE Futures served the following numbers of students during 2008-2009 school years (BRITE Futures first year)

Elementary school students (grades 3-5) -       172

Middle School Students (grades 6-8) -             231

High School Students (grades 9-12) -               447


BRITE Futures’ Impact on Students

Increases student’s confidence with fun and practical experience

Expose students to hands on science learning and professional –grade science equipment

Provide opportunities for students to envision and pursue careers in science


Special Program Summer 2009     Bio-Trekers Summer Camp

BRITE Futures has collaborated with Durham County Schools to provide a special one week Science Summer Camp for elementary students. This program targets under represented students, in the NCCU neighboring communities which will come to BRITE daily to participate in hands on activities such as DNA extractions, CSI and Environmental studies.


BRITE Futures provides professional development opportunities which train teachers in cutting edge science content and methods. BRITE Futures also provides information on biotech careers and continued support for teachers which will empower them to use new resources and approaches to science teaching.


Teachers served during BRITE Futures’ first year (2008-2009) – 46 on site


Special Program Summer 2009    Introductory Biotechnology Workshop for Teachers (20 teachers)

            Sponsored by a generous grant from NCBC

Teachers learn how to incorporate fun and effective hands on activities in the classroom that reinforce biotechnology concepts.

BRITE Futures is committed to sustain existing outreach efforts and create new outreach programs and products in response to the needs of K12 audiences.

To Learn More about BRITE Futures

Betty W. Brown, MS-BRITE Futures Educational Outreach Coordinator  

(919) 530-6889;

Natacha Janvier-Derilus, MS-Academic Advisor Pharmaceutical Sciences

(919) 530-7717;