North Carolina Central University

Jiahua Xie, Ph.D.

Jiahua Xie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Earned B.S. in Agronomy and Ph.D. in Biophysics at Zhejiang University in China
  • Spent five years as a Senior Scientist with Vector Research, Inc.
  • Successfully cloned and knocked out a nicotine biosynthesis gene in tobacco and made nicotine-free and low nicotine cigarettes for the market
  • Contact: or 919-530-6705

Identification of Se-accumulating Genes in
Se-hyperaccumulation Plants

In this research, we established a tissue culture system for Se-hyperaccumulation plants, as well as a transgenic system for Se-hyperaccumulation plants. Some differentially expressed genes related to Se-accumulation were obtained.

Novel Plant Expression Systems
To date, we have produced transgenic tobacco plants with co-expression of the human GalT and EPO or GalT and EPO fused with ER-signal peptides KDEL in tobacco plants. We are currently filing a patent on the novel plant expression system.

Genetic Cause of Defective Chloroplasts in Pale Yellow Sectors of
Variegated Golden Pathos

The focus of this project is the discovery of nuclear and chloroplast genes involved in variegation formation. Specifically, we endeavor to find a way of depositing glycoprotein in chloroplasts. To date, major genes involved in variegation formation have been identified.